Sam Greenwood

Fit Twin Bins To Downpipes To Save Rain

Currently as we go through this incredibly difficult time confined to our homes with no opportunity to visit gardens or historic houses – the usual sources of inspiration and days out for busy week in week out family agendas.  Now though we can concentrate on getting our own little areas of little Britain up and […]

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Gardening Expertise Brings Out The Best In Clay

My garden is almost 20 years old and came as part of my new house purchase.  Housing developers are known for cutting corners, scrimping to eek out the great profit from every square mm of land – my garden included.  The estate was built on farmland so and I am pretty sure that no previous […]

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The Family Tree In More Ways Than One

In these days of planet saving worries to all families under retirement age, there is now a very happy return to thoughts of gardening and making the most of what little outside space some folk have found themselves with.  As an aside, this was highlighted as a problem with so many families buying brand new […]

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